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Worcestershire Squad 6th

7 Aug 2023. Worcestershire Squad improved and came ahead of Surrey, but could not overtake Nottinghamshire’s Robin Hoods. Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester) scored highest for the county with 22 points.

Worcestershire Squad again short of players

3 Jul 2023. Back in Division 2, Worcestershire could come only 6th and last in spite very good results from Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester) and Joshua Clarke (The King’s School Worcester).

Worcestershire Squad in Division 1, but too few players

5 Jun 2023. Only five players participated from Worcestershire, but still scored a very creditable 57 points insufficient to stop the team from going back down to Division 2. Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester) was highest scorer on 18 points followed by Joshua Clarke (The King’s School, Worcester & Malvern CC) on 17.

Joshua Clarke scores well in Major tournament.

30 May 2023. Joshua Clarke (King’s School Worcester and Malvern CC) scored a very creditable 3 points from his 6 games at the Cotswold Congress held at Gloucester over the bank holiday weekend.

Worcestershire Squad 2nd in Div 2 Inter-County team Battle

1 May 2023. Worcestershire juniors scored 73 points against winners Richmond 135points to claim second place above Suffolk, Surrey and Nottinghamshire juniors. Seven team members took part with Joshua Clarke (King’s School Worcester and Malvern CC) scoriing the highest total for the team. Samuel Thomas scored 14 points and was second highest Worcestershire scorer.

Worcestershire last in Division 1

3 Apr 2023. Joshua Clarke (King’s School Worcester and Malvern) was highest scoring in a depleted squad playing in the first Division with 24 points and 6th equal of individual players in the 40th intercounty team battle.

Worcester player grabs second place in Shropshire tournament

18 Mar 2023. James Allsopp (Worc Jun Chess Acad) won second prize at the Shropshire Under-14 tournament. Three Worcester players competed scoring 4½ for second place and 3 points in the under-14 tournament and 3 points in the Under-10 tournament. Click tounament for full results.

Worcester School third in She Plays to Win tournament

9 Mar 2023. King’s Hawford School, Worcester won bronze in the She Plays To Win online competition for girls. Top player for the school was Michelle Zhu scoring 11 points. The school team was coached by Simon Berry.

Worcestershire Squad 6th in Division 1

6 Mar 2023. Eric Gregory was the highest Worcestershire scorer on 23 points followed by Cameron Henry on 18. Seven players took part in this 39th Inter-Team Battle. Links to full results and games.

Worcestershire Squad 2nd

6 Feb 2023. Worcestershire Squad were second in the inter-county team battle. Winners were Nottinghamshire juniors 19 points ahead of Worcestershire. Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester) was highest scorer for Worcestershire and third highest scorer of all players.

2 Jan 2023. Worcestershire Squad out of form. The team were placed 7th out of eight teams in the inter-county Division 2 team battle.

Under-16 winners at Alvechurch

19 Dec 2022. James ended up on top on tie-break after a 5-way pile up in the Boys Under-16 section. James has been playing at Worcestershire Junior Chess Academy and now has a place in Malvern’s first team. Also on 4 points were: Ben Chandler and Noah O’Sullivan (both Alvechurch Library Chess Club and Alvechurch Middle School), Samuel Thomas (Worcs Jun Chess Acad), and Cameron Henry (Kidderminster and RGS Worcester). Michelle Zhu (Worc Jun Chess Acad and King’s Hawford, Worcester) won the Girls Under-16 also on tie-break from Edith Pleasant (Alvechurch Liberary and Alcester GS). The last game tio finish set up the five-way tie was a fierce battle between Michelle and Cameron. The advantage swung from one side to the other. After exchanges to a rook and minor piece ending, Michelle made an unchararcteristic mistake allowing Cameron to gain a piece, but she defended bravely. Soon Michelle had only a pawn against a knight and pawn. Cameron's pawn was blocked and his king was far away. Cameron showed great strength of character by finding the only way to win. He had to march his king to the action and sacrifice his knight for Michelle’s pawn and then demonstrate the win of K+P against K with seconds remaining on his clock. Mortimer Dykes (King’s St Alban’s, Worcester) was first in the Boys Under-11 and Isabelle Bird (Pebworth Chess Club and Welford-on-Avon School) first in the Girls Under-11. See full results.

Under-16 Winners

Worcestershire Squad find going tough in Division 1

5 Dec. The squad had fewer players than usual and ended the session 7th out of 8. Eric Gregory was again the highest scorer with 36 points. The battle was won by Sussex Online Juniors.

Worcestershire Squad step up to second in team battle

7 Nov. Worcestershire Squad scored 89 points to achieve second place in the Inter-County Div 2 team battle. Three Worcestershire players were in the top ten scorers led by Samuel Thomas (26 points) was the highest scorer for the squad followed by Joshua Clarke ( King’s School Worcester, 19 points) and Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester, 15 points). Nottingham Juniors were first on 99.

Worcestershire again third in team battle

3 Oct. Ned Guyatt (Worc Jun Chess Acad and Nunnery Wood HS, Worcester) was the team’s highest scorer.

Squad comfortably third in online team battle

5 Sep. With more players available Worcestershire finished 10 points ahead of Nottinghamshire’s juniors. Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester) was again the highest scorer for the team. Warwickshire won and Surrey were second, but both those teams had nearly twice as many players available.


2 May 2022. Playing in Division 2, Worcester were in sole third position above Staffordshire, Surrey, Nottinghamshire and Cambridgeshire Juniors. Winners were Ojays' Oxfordshire team and Suffolk Juniors were runners-up. Two players topped the score sheet for Worcestershire: Eric Gregory (RGS Worcester) and Ned Guyatt (Worc Jun Chess Acad & Nunnery WoodHS, Worcester).

Worcester Junior team 7th at Kenilworth

23 April 2022. Worcestershire fielded an under-11 Warriors team in Division 2 of the the Warwickshire Junior team tournament at Kenilworth. This is the first time the county have entered an under-11 team in any competition for several years. Michelle Zhu (King's Hawford Sch, Worcester), Yiming Huang (King's St Alban's Sch Worcester and WJCA), Sebastian Patel, Ilya Eaton and Sidarth Nair (Lyppard Grange Primary Sch, Worcester and WJCA) formed the squad from which four players made up a team for each of the seven matches. In round 1, Worcester Warriors beat Hallfield B team, but were unable to win a further match. The most successful Warrior was Sebastian Patel. Hallfield A won Division 1 and Hallfield C Division 2.

Worcestershire Squad promoted to Division 1

4 Apr 2022. In their first battle in Division 1, Worcestershire juniors were placed eighth - a creditable achievement against the top ranking juniors in the country. Winners of the event were Sussex Juniors.

Worcestershire Squad move up in Team Battle

10 Mar 2022. Eric Gregory of RGS Worcester led his team to a shared third position with Nottinghamshire Juniors (Robin Hoods). Eric scored 28 of the squad’s 102 points.

Kidderminster juniors score

24 Feb 2022. Twelve years olds Cameron Henry and Luke Pender both won against vastly more experienced opponents this week. Luke defeated John Varilone in the Shuttle Shield Knockout and Cameron defeated Terry Pountney in the Club Championship Group Stage.

Worcester Junior in Kenilworth Congress

19 Feb 2022. Ned Guyatt from the Worcestershire Junior Chess Academy was the only unrated player in the Under-18 B tournament at Kenilworth. He more than held his own and finished in the top half of the table with a performance rating of 1309 and scored 3 points from 5 games.

Worcestershire Squad in Blitz online team battles

7 Feb 2022. Worcestershire moved up to 4th place with more players and a total of 69 points. Eric Gregory from RGS Worcester was the leading scorer for the team.

3 Jan 2022. Worcestershire Squad were back to 6th position in Division 2 and above Manchester Juniors, Bristol Juniors, and the Jonathan Hawkins Junior Club. Highest scoring county player was Ned Guyatt (Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester) with 13 points from 10 games.

6 Dec 2021. Worcestershire Squad moved up to 5th position beating Nottingham Robin Hoods and Sarah Hegarty’s team.

1 Nov 2021. The squad was eighth ahead of Notts Robin Hood and Bucks. Highest Worcestershire scorer was Michelle Zhu.

4 Oct 2021. The squad was sixth ahead of Notts Robin Hoods, Bucks and Bristol. Highest scorer for Worcestershire was Cameron Henry on 14 points.

Cameron Henry reaches national finals

18 Aug 2021. Cameron Henry, who was coached by WJCA chess coach Simon Berry is on his way to the UK Chess Challenge Terafinal in September. Read more at Worcester News.

Worcestershire Juniors in 20th Blitz online team battle

2 Aug 2021. ScarlettsGambit held the flag for Worcestershire, but the team were outgunned. Full results.

Former Worcestershire junior champion wins national competition

29 Jul 2021. Manvith Sandhu was first in the British under-2000 online championships on tie-break with 5 points in the 6-round competition. See full results.

Worcestershire Juniors in 7th Blitz online team battle

5 Jul 2021. For the first time for many years, Worcestershire entered a junior team competition. Worcestershire Squad team were sixth equal with Buckinghamshire. The battle was won by Hampshire Junior Chess Association. Full results.

Worcestershire Juniors battle Manchester

8 May 2021. Worcestershire juniors put up a brave fight agaist the much larger and powerful Mancunians, but going down 147-265. Dillan Duke (WJCA), Josh Clarke (WJCA) and Cameron Henry (Kidderminster) scored for their county.

26 Oct 2020. Dillan Duke continues his winning ways in play in the Marches Area Arena tournaments on the lichess.org platform coming second in the silver medal position. This is his sixth appearnce on the podium: one gold and five silver.

24 Aug 2020. Dillan Duke won the Marches Area Arena online rapidplay tournament beating established players while on holiday. See full results and game scores at lichess.org
18 Aug 2020. Cameron Henry goes to Terafinal. In previous years, Cameron, a pupil at King’s Hawford School Worcester, has qualified for the UK Chess Challenge Gigafinal and this year he went one better to gain entry to the National Terafinal. Cameron also plays for Kidderminster’s adult team even though he is only ten years old.

27 Jul 2020. Dillan Duke second in Marches Online Arena tournament. See Dillan’s results with links to his games.

14 May 2020. Dillan Duke plays for Worcester City. Worcester City adult club called up Dillan for its first matches on the West Midlands Online Chess League. Dillan won three of the four games played including a victory over a former Worcestershire Junior champion.