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Registrations for 20223


New names can be added thoughout the season by request and sent to both the Web Editor and Paul Sharratt (Leagues controller).


Letters after grades have the following meanings: s-standard play, r-rapidplay, f-FIDE or non-ECF nation rating, w-WCA rating assigned by the controller for play in WCA events for both standard and rapidplay, TBA not K rated and to be announced. New means the player is not listed in the ECF rating database. Provisional, P, ratings are considered unreliable because they are based on very small numbers of results. Please consult the controller to agree an assigned rating for play in WCA events if a new player does not have a K rating for either standard- or rapidplay.


Captain's and secretaries please note that league players should be members of the ECF and any nonmember of the ECF who plays more than 3 games in the league will incur a fee of £18 from their club.



Team captain John Edge

Players: Banks, Peter S (165118D,1624s); Cooper, David M (108830A, 2015s); Dayle, Martin (266329G, 1100w); Curry, Don (179081L, 2023s); Edge, John A (110076C, 2095s); Evans, Joyce H (139662G, 1090s); Evans, Paul J (270858K, 1673s); Fishburne, Stewart K (110611K, 2056s); Grimes, Robert (111751J, 1707s); Haddon, Chris (275233F, TBA); Hadley, Mike (160573C, 1861s); Hazell, Franklin (359816A, 1400w); Hoogenkamp, Marko (344607E, 1119s); Jackson, Aiden (359817C, 1000w); Jackson, Dale (113429C, 1885w); Adrian A Priest (117447C, 1784s); Manvith Sandhu (306887A, 1915s); Moore, Nathan (359818E, 800w); Ravi Sandhu (311262H, 1300s); Sheehan-Ford, Tyler (360400H, 1303s); Stanulovic, Vesna (359966J, 1300w); Anthony (Tony) Stokes (172188E, 1656s); Anthony (Tony) Taylor (192111D, 1359s). Last updated 21 April 2024.



Secretary David Waud. Team captains: Championship Joe Friar; ChallengersTerry Pountney; John Wrench rapidplay.

Barton, Luke (349801D, 1543s); Bissell, Maurice (106812L, 1762s); Close, David (242437L, 1684s); Eaton, Alex (251814E, 1731); Friar, Joe (275633L, 2033s 1974r); Grala, Tomasz (349111A , 1664s); Henry, Cameron (310843A, 1227s 1189r); Kitchen, Michael (183526K, 1486s); Pender, Luke (341469D, 1274w); Pountney, Terrance (183529E, 1400s); Preece, Alan (292864E, 1701s); Pulley, Daniel (360109C, 1200w); Riley, Mark (117964A, 1724s, 1604r); Shaw, Ewan (349927D, 1300w); Spowart, David (277850G, 1771s); Thomas, Paul (120284E, 1357s); Tinley, Simon (359972D, TBA); Varilone, John (178102K, 1619s, 1607r); Waud, David (303821L, 1731w); Whitehead, John (295364L, 1638w; Wrench, John (127123E, 1962s); Yates, Tim (127209D, TBA). Last update 20 October 2023.



Secretary Steve Crees

Allsop, Brian (105666K, 1292s, 1363r); Angel, Elias (352410D, TBA); Bethel, Mark (106679B 1810s); Bignall, Paul (Spike) (314809K, 1507s, 1384r); Boyle, Anthony (125717B, 1684s, 1558r); Cartwright, Gavin(182425K, 1846s, 1882r); Collett, Richard (108620A, 1406s, 1334r); Crees, Steve (307486K, 1726s); Davies, Robert (342930B, 1744s, 1614r); Drew, Luke (new, 1300w); Furniss, Paul (313668B, 1605s); Hughes, Peter (270857H, 1445s, 1293r); Hurney, Kevin (129898H, 2061, 2054r); Lawrence, Peter (106679B, 1657s, 1611r); Lodge, Freya (new, TBA); Maddocks, Phil (104371H, 1782s, 1740r); Mutagekar, Chetan (TBA, 1645w); Nguyen, Nam Anh (313902F, 1413sw, 1611rw); Roberts, David (313666J, 1400w); Street, Gary (TBS, ?1100w) Swindells, Jonathan (148210F, 2239s); Tipper, Andy (320637D, 1349s, 1291r); Truscott, Ian (120615B, 1618s, 1555r); Walsh, Marcus (303138L, 1938s); Wiley, Joe (TBA, 1300w); Woodhouse, Monty (298350D, 1602w); Woodhouse, Stephen (127046B, 1888s, 1653r). Last updated 14 February 2024.



Secretary Brian Turner. Team captains: Brian Turner Championship League; John Knee, Challengers’ League.

Allsop, James (345785A, 1528s); Roger Arris (152123J, 1711s); Canham, Leigh (291071J, 1836s); Charman, George (343659H, 1898s); Chester, John (274837L, 1709s); Clarke, Ian J (139005D, 1978s); Clarke, Joshua (318791D, 1755s); Davis, Lee (109427A, 2049s); Herbert, Geoffrey M (157338L, 1838s); Jordan, Matthew (292990K, 1761s); Lappin, Kieran A (104355K, 1690s); Lipinsky, Pierre (350239K, 1692s); Mityaev, Alexandr (351037C, 2225s); Quigley, Friedrich (361302B, 1785w); Turner, Brian (120670K, 1972s); Woron, Miroslaw (317456G, 1576s). Last updated 8 September 2023.



Team captains Dan Lambourne Championship and Rapidplay leagues; David Smith Challengers’ League and Wheatley Cup; Giles Stanton Worc & Dist League).

Attwell, Ben (360266H, TBA); Carter, Robert (Bob) (251377J, 1501s); Clack, Ian A (108369H, 1553s); Crane, Mark (323153H, 869s 851r); Downie, Daniel (353306C, 1501sw, 1501r); Evans, Harry G (315611E, 1958s); Hosken, Nigel (113031G, 2081s 2117r); Lambourne, Daniel M (259447L, 2079s 2134r); Porton, Eddy (340375A, 916w); Reed, Antonia (Toni) T (299115K, 1564s, 1622r); Rimmington, Anthony (321408E, 1541s); Russell, Scott (319118H, 1769s 1665r); Smith, David (281549H, 1797s, 1677r); Stanton, T Giles (172186A, 1541s 1496r); Steward, Jamie (322037A, 1584s, 1540r); Towers, Nigel S (165392B, 1807s 1790r) Vaughan, Jonathon (139684F, 2043s, 1960rw); Whitten, Andrew S (121574H, 1657s, 1646r); Woods, Mark (TBA, TBA), Zbircea, Mihai Horia (316137H, 1814s). Last updated 12 January 2024.



Secretary Paul Sharratt

Adams, Che (New, TBA); Alcock, Steve (286194L, 1479s); Berridge, Martin (291964D, 1692s); Bradley, Sam (292866J, 1646s); ConwayLees, Joe (331568L, 1865s); Doran, Ben (343954F, 1322s); Evans Christopher (143240A, 1706s); Evans, Ron (194072H, 1545s); Fallowfield, Nicholas (128865K, 1930s); Foxall, John (110841E, 1754s); Horwill, Eric (113026C, 1637s, 1725r); Humphries, Jeremy (266351L, 1555w); Parkes, Gregory (345581G 1580s); Pendrous, Jon (364119D, 1450w); Sharratt, Paul (118792C, 1729s, 1546r); Tennant, Trevor (314888K, 1150w); Wilkinson, Richard (139811J, 1594s); Wilson, Julie (170913G, 1724s, 1626r); Woodall, Colin (282658G, 1428s). Last updated 9 February 2023.



Secretary Ray Collett. Team captains: Rob Sutton Championship League; Scott Oxtoby Rooks team; Aiden Griffiths/Andy Gilhooly Bishops team; Chris Lee Knights team.

Austin, Phil (105984B, 1734s); Berry, Simon (312703F, 1452s, 1356r); Blissitt (222493J, 1193); Bryan, Nick (TBA, 1300w); Cleak, David (295458J, 1510s); Collett, Ray 108621C (1854s, 1808r); Elsdon (900w, u/r); Farthing, Andrew (267733H, u/r); Flynn, Seamus (351428G, 1608s); Gilhooly, Andy ( 349489F, 1527s); Gorbanov, Viktor (900, u/r); Griffiths, Aiden (349374L, 1330s); Hayles, Robin (313618J, 1726s); Hesketh, John (291296L, 1316s); Higgs, Edward (360593A, 1543w); Keene, Jim (135818C, 1743r); Kirkland, Arnold (128994K, 1597s); Kitson, Peter (127645B, 2017s); Lee, Chris (240704J, 1612s 1861r); Mellor, Stephen (230883G, 2045s, 2137r); Montiero, Arianne (1400, u/r); Nicholls, Alex (TBA, 1000); Nicholls, Doug ( 329446J, u/r); Nicholls, Stephen (298193C, 1200w); Olden, Jacques (360106H, 1600w); Osbourn, Ed (282451G, 1988s); Oxtoby, Scott (343915L, 1651s); Rastall, Joe (306497K, 1831s); Serafini, Paul (1547w); Shaw, Tony (248737J, 1749s, 1653r); Smith, Phil (278546J, 1484s); Sorrell, Keith (355561G, 1600w); Sutton, Rob (285049H, 1687s, 1670r); Vernon, Colin (269827E, 1388s, 1287r). Last updated 10 December 2023.



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