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Summer Cup competitions

Published 5 August 2023

Rules for summer cup competitions

  1. There will be two team competitions: one for open teams for the Towers Cup and one for teams of players rated below 1650 in the ECF July standardplay rating list for a new trophy donated by Longbridge.
  2. The controller is Steve Crees (Longbridge) who should receive entries by 31 July 2023.
  3. Each match will consist of 4 boards where players play 1 game only. Colours to be determined on board 1 by the drawing of pawns in the normal way. Corresponding boards will alternate colours as usual 
  4. The Time Control will be 45/30. Matches should start no later than 7:30pm. All moves must continue to be written down.

  5. The controller will trust the integrity of an estimated Rating for the Under-1650 competition where a player has no ECF Rating. Where a player has a previous Standard rating but no current rating, the historical rating will be taken as a current indication of the player's estimated rating strength. 
  6. In relation to board order: players are to be listed in approximate rating order. This condition shall be regarded as satisfied if no player is rated more than 100 points below any player placed lower on the list.

  7. The clocks will be paused and 2 additional minutes shall be added to the Time Control of the opponent in the event that an illegal move is played by the other player. The game will be lost by a player if that player makes a second illegal move. 
  8. FIDE Laws of Chess will apply other than the specific rules shown here.
  9. Normal scoring of one game point for a win, half point for a draw. No handicap.
  10. In the event of a drawn match 2-2, board count shall be used, meaning the team with the lowest board count will be the winner. For example, if one team wins on boards 1 & 3 = 4 and the other team wins on boards 2 & 4 = 6, the team accumulating a board count of 4 in this example would win the match.
  11. If board count remains equal, for instance, where one team wins on boards 1 & 4 = 5 and the other team wins on boards 2 & 3 = 5; then the elimination of the bottom board 4 should reveal a winning result on a subsequent board count basis pertaining to the top three boards.
  12. If all else fails, it is necessary that the result must be determined on the night; so, in that scenario, if all four boards are drawn games; the team playing black on board 1 shall be the winner.


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