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Internet Chess

List of servers to play chess online from Chess Strategy online

List of internet chess servers from Wikipedia
Chess24.com - Watch games from tournaments all over the world as they are being played.

lichess.org - absolutely free and no adverts

chess.com - for free games or pay for services. Distracting interface and adverts for basic (free) members.
Internet Chess Club
- Play here to meet strong players

ChessBase - by the makers of Fritz and 8M game collection

Chess in the South West Midlands near to Worcestershire
Midland Counties Chess Union (MCCU)
Gloucestershire Chess Association *e-mail contact
Herefordshire Chess Association
Shropshire Chess Association
Staffordshire Chess Association
Warwickshire Chess Association
Birmingham & District Chess League 
Dudley & District Chess League
Leamington & District Chess League
North Gloucestershire Chess League
Wolverhampton & District Chess League
Worcester & District Chess League
Chess in the British Isles

English Chess Federation (ECF)
ECF League Mangement System

Chess Scotland
Welsh Chess Union
Irish Chess Union
Guernsey Chess Club
British Chess Problem Society

English chess congress results

Four Nations Chess League
Calendar of English Chess Tournaments
British Universities Chess Association
English Junior Chess
Braille Chess Association 
Chess Arbiters' Association

Chess in Schools & Communities
National Correspondence Chess Club

International Chess
World Chess Federation (FIDÉ) International Correspondence Chess Federation
Chess Journals, E-Publications and Forums
British Chess Magazine
Kingpin - satirical chess magazine
English Chess Forum
MCCU matters - Midlands chess forum
The Week In Chess (TWIC) - from Mark Crowther
Where to buy chess sets, boards, computers, software, clocks, books ...
London Chess Centre - A world class equipment supplier
Regency Chess Company - Luxury wooden & themed sets
Tim Onions Chess - Equipment and books for juniors
ChessBase News and software - Fritz engine and game databases
Learn Chess On-line
Chess Kids Academy - from England for children
Bruno's chess problem of the day - Yes, a new position every day
ChessEBook - from Germany in English for improvers
Chess Strategy Online - Advice for new players and endgame tutorials
Chess organiser's handbook
Part 1 Part 2


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