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Last updated 19 July 2020

County teams

Worcestershire Chess Association currently organises three teams in the Midland Counties Chess Union (MCCU), an online couty team in the ECF counties competition, and a correspondence team in the County and District Corrspondence Championships. If you would like to be considered for team selection please contact General Secretary Paul Sharratt or the relevant captain.


Click for archived over-the-board county match results.

Online County chess

Worcesteshire field a team in the Open section of the ECF online 12-board competition in group 2B. For last season's results see online county matches.

18 Jul. Worcestershire score first win beating Somerset 8-4 in round 3. All will depend on round 4.

4 Jul. Worcestershire lost to Cumbria. Just a single point, but without a win next round Worcestershire will not progress. Improvement in the score gives hope.

20 Jun. The county team lost to Shropshire in round 1.

6 Jun, Worcestershire lost to Gloucestershire in the preliminary (familiarisation) match for the ECF online counties championship.

Correspondence chess

Worcestershire play in Division 3 of the Counties and District Correspondence Chess Championship for the Butler-Thomas trophy by web server in an eight board match where each player has two games with colours reversed with the same opponent. Match pairings and results. The current competition finishes at the end of November. If you are interested in playing correspondence chess next season, please contact team captain Jim Keene.

Click for historical and archived results of county correspondence matches.

Worcestershire u140 team at England Final in Kettering. Pictures from Stephen Forbes


u140 Final Worcs-Yorks

County First team

Captain Stephen Woodhouse (Greenlands, Tel Birmingham 445 6167), Vice-captain Kevin Hurney (Greenlands, Tel 07989 322 237).

Worcestershire were joint Midlands county team champions in 2017 and have been Midlands champions five times previously. Having a small population base, Worcestershire have never won the national team title and will enter the Minor Counties competition if successful in the Midlands. Matches have sixteen boards and are usually played on Saturday afternoons with a five hour playing session. Worcestershire play four other teams: Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Warwickshire once.

The team has four matches.

Worcestershire u140 team

Captain Tony Shaw (Worcester), vice-captain Sam Bradley (Stourbridge).

Worcestershire won the national team championship in 2016. The team has been Midlands champions three times, most recently in 2016 and has progressed into the national stages most years since the competition was inaugurated. Matches have sixteen boards and are usually played on Saturday afternoons with a four hour playing session. Worcestershire play six other teams: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, and Warwickshire once. If you would like to be considered for selection, please contact Tony Shaw.

Worcestershire u120 team

Captain Monty Woodhouse (Greenlands & King Edward School, Edgbaston), Vice-captain TBA.

Worcestershire last won the Midlands competition in 2011, yet have been less successful in recent years and the last time the team progressed into the national stages was in 2012. New captain Monty is keen to restore the county's fortunes. Matches have twelve boards and are usually played on Saturday afternoons with a four hour playing session. Worcestershire plays five county teams: Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire once. If you would like to be considered for selection, please contact Monty Woodhouse.

Worcestershire Correspondence teams

Update reported by Jim Keene 31 Oct. The start of the 2018-9 season has been delayed because of a problem with the web server.

The county fields a team in the County and District Correspondence Chess Championships Worcestershire captained by Jim Keene (Worcester). Last season Worcestershire A were runners-up in Division 3. The most recent honours for Worcestershire correspondence teams were in 1986 when Worcestershire won the Sinclair trophy and in 2004 when Worcestershire 2 won the Brown-Pond trophy. If you do not wish to travel or participate in time scrambles, correspondence chess may be the right choice for you. Games are played by web-server between October and August. Each team member plays two games against the same opponent. Correspondence competitions are played as a jamboree, so that your opponent may be from any of the other teams in the same division as your Worcestershire team. If you wish to be considered for team selection, please contact Jim Keene.