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Published 13 August 2020

West Midlands Area League

Worcestershire players are encouraged to play online in this league, which has been supported by the association. The league is organised by three Worcestershire players and their website is hosted by the association here. Several Worcestershire clubs are already playing in the summer league so if your club does not have a team please ask your club secretary to jointn the league.

Fair play and safeguarding policies online

All players on line should read these two ECF policies, which are used by Worcestershire Chess Association, and ensure they are followed. Team captains in WMA and ECF events should draw team players’ attention to these policies.

ECF Fair Play and Anti-cheating Rules for online chess

Online Chess Code of Conduct is the Appendix at the end of the ECF Safeguarding Children Policy

Worcestershire play online county matches

Stephen Woodhouse created an "ECF Worcestershire club" on chess.com and the county will enter a team in the ECF online counties championship to be played on Saturdays in June and July. To play for Worcestershire, players must have to have a free or paid registration with chess.com, and be an ECF bronze, silver or platinum member (send an email to Stephen Woodhouse so he can send you instructions on how to join the ECF Worcestershire club. Play starts at 6:30pm on Saturdays and uses a time control of 60 minutes plus 15 seconds increment from move 1. See detailed results of online county matches.

Online league launched in response to Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic originated in China probably in the last part of 2019. The spread of this respiratory infection was declared a global health emergency late in January 2020 and the first UK cases were detected late in January. In February more and more case were reported in England and hospital intensive care capacity was full leading to calls for the Government to take action in early March. Several clubs had already closed their doors by the second week in March and WCA suspended all play in the Worcestershire League on 14 March. A week later the UK Government imposed a 'lockdown' prohibiting all but essentail travel. Nigel Towers (Redditch) took up the challenge to get members playing online and his work was endorsed by WCA in early April. Although Nigel was not able to replicate the missing over-the-board league, he widened the net by asking clubs in neighbouring leagues to participate. The first 'practice' matches using a board board team playing two rapidplay games with the same opponent were played in mid-April and the first league matches on 30 April. There were sufficient team entries that the league was run in with two divisions.


Greenlands, Redditch, Stourbridge, and Worcester City played in the first online Spring 2020 league. Worcester city players were joined by members from Droitwich and the league itself included an off-shore guest, the Isle of Wight Chess Club organised by former Worcestershire team captain John Wrench. See first season results in West Midlands Online Rapidplay league.


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